The business of 9/11

The eighth anniversary of the September 11 attacks are an opportunity to for some people to make a buck.

The wire towers will run you $45.


You can do two things at once with the T-shirt below: Honor the victims and desecrate the flag at the same time:


Memorial umbrella. $22.


You can’t have history without an historic plate. $19.95.


A debit ID gift card holder with “9-11 heroes fabric.” $4.99


It doesn’t get any prettier at Ground Zero.

  • Curtis

    Even moreso than tragedy, the one thing that unites all Americans is religious fervor for the almighty dollar.

  • Mike R

    Sure, it’s in bad taste to sell 9/11 souvenirs, but apparently someone has the equally bad taste to buy them.

  • sm

    When did they ever *stop* selling these “souvenirs”? I have my blinking WTC tower plastic sculpture I got from a sidewalk vendor near Ground Zero when I was there in 2004. It was of course Made in China, and had strange phrases on the box like “Refuse Terror”. It’s an example of pop culture as much as more somber icons. Everything in this country is eventually reduced to kitsch.