Storm video: Cars driving through flooded streets

I think most of us know that you shouldn’t drive through standing water. That didn’t stop these folks (video courtesy of Greg Swan,

  • justin h

    This seems a little hyped up to me. That’s about 3 or 4 inches of water, which even a geo metro should be able to deal with. The air intake on most cars is well above the level at which that water was.

  • Justin, I wish I had a camera for the storm we had earlier this spring when cars were floating in this same spot. The pond at my office building and the street became one at a certain point!

  • BH

    i agree with justin. really hyped up. not interesting.

  • Nathan

    Metro streets are generally designed to accomodate traffic AND storm water with depths up to 6 inches. Looks like a system functioning as designed. Standing water won’t support highway speeds, but a cautious driver need not avoid streets with less than 6 inches of standing water.

  • mulad

    I’d agree with the above comments, though it’s also impossible to know how deep it is until you’re in it.

  • Bob Collins

    I drove through water when I covered the floods in the Red River Valley. i got halfway through when I realized it was a mistake.

    it was only up to the axle. I was concerned about being swept away.

  • Lily

    It seemed to me that most of our above average citizens pretty much “ignored” the warnings today. People just kept on going. It was fortunate that the tornadic activity was as mild as it was. I think most people just looked at the sky and made their own judgements. After all, this IS America.

  • Mr Swan: Are you really an idiot if you don’t know the road is flooded in front of you? Outside of that, love your tweets!

  • Jenny Swan

    Ok, I am his wife, but couldn’t this just be an amusing thing? And every time it rains the street does that, and I think driving AROUND the puddle is an option. Anyway I just am suprised at all the snarking, it was just supposed to be funny.

  • Tyler

    Stalling out is NOT the only danger of flash flooding – hydroplaning is also a real danger. Be careful, people!

  • Kim V

    I agree with Jenny: I don’t know why everyone is complaining, I thought the video was funny only because those cars look ridiculous!

  • christina

    video = underwhelming. the only thing that made it even slightly entertaining was the word bubbles. basically, 1 min 26 secs i will never get back.

  • rowsdower

    Don’t worry Christina, you probably would’ve wasted that 1 min and 26 seconds anyways.