Sign of the times

MPR’s Tom Weber spotted this at a church in Lake Elmo.


  • minn whaler

    That is sick. Sorry MN, but i was taught to pray for courage, support, etc. not for one particular football team to blessed over another. Humorous.. a little bit, but I do believe in a higher being, but I do not believe he picks teams.

  • kristy

    Sarcasm. Is always tough to convey thru text.

    The sign is clearly humorous and not one church’s request for divine intervention any more than than praying to win the powerball or for green lights on the way to work.

    Lighen up and laugh at the clever ability of this church’s employees.

    Thanks, Bob, for posting this.


  • Lily

    It reminds me of my days at Concordia Moorhead where they used to pray for the football team in chapel. Not much has changed, I guess…except that the Lutherans now ordain the gay clergy, too.

  • Bob Collins

    I think churches have to have a little marketing these days. Reel ’em in with Bret Favre, then get ’em praying about the hungry and homeless.

  • James

    Here’s the original:

    Our Farve

    who art in Lambeau

    hallowed be thine arm

    the bowl will come

    it will be won

    in New Orleans as it is in Lambeau

    give us this Sunday

    our weekly win

    and give us many touchdown passes

    but do not let others pass against us

    lead us not on frustration

    but deliver us to Bourbon Street

    for thine is the M.V.P.

    the best of the N.F.C.

    and the glory of all the cheese heads

    now and for ever


    Again, remember it a joke…