Protesters and protests

Depending on your party persuasion, there are two narratives going on today regarding political discourse and the apparent backlash against Democratic policies.

If you’re a Democrat: There’s an incivility from Republicans that’s impinging intelligent discussions.

If you’re a Republican: Funny, but dissent was patriotic when Democrats were doing it.

Regardless of which camp you’re in, a confrontation in St. Louis County was the predictable progression. Warning: There are obscenities in this video.

  • bobbydole

    St. Louis county.. MN?

  • bob

    Bob, did you mean to say that dissent was unpatriotic when Dems were doing it?

  • Bob Collins

    No. It was the Republicans quoting the Democrats during the Bush years in defending their protests.

    And no, bobbydole, Missouri.

  • Craig Hennen

    I knew people really cared about health care.

  • There are a lot of differences between the criticism of Bush during his presidency and the current controversy over the townhalls and health care.

    I think the most important is the reaction of party leadership. I can’t recall any instance during the Bush presidency when a major Democrat party leader supported or echoed the positions of the far-left who, admittedly, went too far in accusing Bush of being a fascist.

    Today there are major Republican leaders who are echoing the most extreme forms of far-right rhetoric. Two examples are the birthers and their Congressional supporters, and the comments by Sarah Palin about “death panels” supposedly in the health care bill.

    It seems to me that the far-right complaints about health care are much closer to the actual beliefs, behavior, and statements of Republicans in Congress than the far-left anti-war statements during the Bush presidency ever were.

  • GregS


    You have got to be kidding.

    Here is Paul Krugman writing about Global Warming, “And as I watched the deniers make their arguments, I couldn’t help thinking that I was watching a form of treason — treason against the planet.”

    Dissent = Treason.

  • Jamie

    “Treason” means more than just the crime against The State. It also means treachery, or a betrayal of trust. Denying global climate change in the face of a huge amount of evidence that says it exists and is hurting our planet is not simple dissent. Most of the deniers, if not all of them, have an interest in the status quo which earns them piles of money. That is treachery against our planet.