People-watching politics

For pure theater, the growing protests over President Obama’s health care initiative makes for a compelling people-watching moment or two. The scene today shifted to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in a state that knows how to make life miserable for visiting Democrats.


Pixelating of the image above (you can click for a larger version) makes some of the material difficult to read, so let’s take a closer look:

We’ve got the woman with the bad grammar:


The always lame attempt to turn a name into an acronym:


Irony, anyone? The flag-waving American with the foreign-automaker (BMW) hat, holding a sign about fascism. BMW, the company whose largest shareholder family allegedly had a Nazi past:


And the tourist-town T-shirt shop’s best-seller:


Across the street we have an entirely different looking crowd. This is the side that says the other side isn’t “grassroots” because they’re coordinated in their demonstrations. Note the coordination.