Denying service


“It’s just Twitter.”

The words cut like a knife, coming as they did from my tech hero, Jon Gordon, the host of Future Tense on American Public Media.

Jon is an enabler, He tried for months to get me on Twitter. Now I spend far too much time on it. And he doesn’t.

So for a balanced view of what the denial of service attacks on social networking sites today mean, I talked to Jon the old-fashioned way. I called him on the phone.

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  • Ryan

    I let Jon Gordon know (via twitter of all things) but his audio on here is really quiet… Is there a chance for a remix? I have my headphones on my laptop on full and you’re clear, he’s a whisper.

    Thanks, @ryaninmpls

    MPR Member

  • Bob Collins

    Try it now.

  • Ryan

    Thanks! It’s much easier to hear Jon now.


  • Disco

    Oh no! Twitter’s down! How will I find out what my friend’s cat is doing? The horror!

  • BJ

    Twitter and Facebook were down?

    At least MPRnewsQ was up!