Cash for Appliances?

We got this note from a listener today following this morning’s Midmorning broadcast about the Cash for Clunkers program:

A comment on Kerri Miller’s guests discussing cash for clunker appliances. I totally disagree with their comments– I have been hoping and waiting for a cash-for-appliances program. We have not been able to take advantage of any of the house or car programs, but we are limping along with an ancient stove and fridge. News flash for your guests– people do wait and get along with crummy, old appliances and even get them fixed if they can’t afford to go out and buy new, even though they know new appliances would be much more energy efficient. I only hope ours keep working until a cash for appliance program begins.

It may not be long. Such a program is coming this fall, though it won’t be anywhere near as impressive. Rebates will only be in the $50 to $200 range, according to reports. It’s also not apparent whom the program is intended to help. Many of the appliance makers moved their jobs overseas years ago.

St. Cloud’s Electrolux, for example, closed down its small chest freezer production in 2004 and moved the jobs to China. The company still employs about 1,200 people in the city, but that’s down by about 650 jobs since 2004.

While the Cash for Clunkers program proved popular, a poll out today says most Americans do not favor a rebate program for appliances. Almost half of those surveyed disapproved, according to Rasmussen Reports. Only 39 percent favor such a program.

Support — or lack of it — for both the appliance program and the cars program appears to break down along party and generational lines, the poll said.

  • I really hope that this new ‘Cash for Appliances’ program does more good than harm.. We’ve heard all sorts of stories (both good and bad) from the ‘Cash for Clunkers’ program, and I just don’t know who, or what, to believe…

  • darcy

    I happen to know many people who are excited about cash for appliances. None of us were “POLLed” our feelings about the program. Who are these people? Most of my appliances are over 25 years old. We can’t afford new, and if the rebate is only $50-$200 dollars we probably won’t be able to buy then either. When something dies we have service plus fix it or visit the used appliance dealer. I would bet there are others in worse shape than we are. I suppose if you’re already planning to buy new appliances it can’t hurt.