Barney Frank opens new front in health care debate

Opponents of President Obama’s health care plan are never going to vote for Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., so that gives him the luxury of telling them off.

  • Steve

    After hearing that people in the audience don’t understand the difference between federal and state governments, Frank should have just stepped away in disgust.

    Honestly people, take an American Government class will you.

  • Bob Collins

    As a son of the Bay State, I found it most odd — most odd, indeed — not to hear a single Boston accent from the crowd. Dartmouth , the south shore, is the haht of the accent.

  • Bobbydole

    i loved this video.

  • BJ

    I love that he tries to explain what is actually in the bills but people keep saying they don’t believe him. Other town halls the Congressmen are being killed for not knowing what is in the bills. I guess you can’t win.

  • Lee H

    It’s time for some push back. I suspect most of the tea partiers do not realize that they are being used as corporate pawns. The Republican machine, in concert with the insurance lobby, is seeking to torpedo anything that Obama proposes, and they know how to whip up fear and mobilize naive citizens to accomplish their aims. Hooray for Barney. We need more senators and representatives to stand up, use their backbones, and demand rational discourse at these meetings.