The sin of wages

The recession is getting so deep, younger adults are cutting back on bar hopping. Booze and cigarettes are the items people 18-29 say they’re giving up in deference to the economy.

A third of those surveyed by Pew say they’ve changed to a cheaper cellphone plan. One in five say they’ve moved in with a friend. The thing you can do when you’re young!

The generation also is more hopeful than old-timers…


… which leads to the obvious question: Do the younger people know something the old timers don’t? Or do the old-timers know something the younger people don’t?

  • John P.

    I could have saved Pew the effort. I am the father of three in this age group. They worry a lot less their future than I worry about their future. This is probably as it has always been between for parents. Only time will tell if I worry too much or they, not enough. Of course I think I have it right.

  • Bob Collins

    Boy, I’m right there with you, John. I worry about one son keeping a job; I worry about the other one getting one when he gets out of school late this year.

    Of course, truth be told, I worried as much about ’em when the economy was great.