The sound of one person not working

“The first thing I noticed when I went to work at the Mine was the noise,” the writer of Mesabi Misadventures says at the beginning her outstanding post on the recession’s effect on her slice of the Iron Range. We don’t know her name, but we can determine she works at Hibbing Taconite because she notes her mine’s shutdown has been extended into 2010, something that was announced last week.

And just like parents get nervous when their kids get too quiet because it usually means something resulting in a spanking is going to happen, it’s hard not to get nervous when the Mine becomes this quiet.

I love to hear the birds in the morning at home. Or the squirrels when they yell at my dog for getting too close to their tree.

I don’t want to hear birds and squirrels at work. And I do now.

What’s the sound of a recession? Birds and squirrels.

(h/t: Aaron J. Brown)

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