The amazing shrinking and expanding Minnesota

Oh for the love of the sweet, sweet paradox.

Two stories in the news today could be related. But they’re not.


We’re shrinking.


No, we’re not.

As long as we’re on the subject, let’s talk about obesity and the half-full/half-empty coverage.

Twenty-five percent — one in 5 3 4 of us — in Minnesota aren’t just fat We’re obese. Twenty-three percent of Minnesota kids are overweight, according to a survey out today from The Trust for America’s Health.

“Obviously, Minnesota is doing something right,” said Serena Vinter, one of the authors, told the Star Tribune.

We are?

Here’s a line from her press release:

Adult obesity rates increased in 23 states and did not decrease in a single state in the past year, according to the F as in Fat: How Obesity Policies Are Failing in America 2009.

Maybe we’re not as fat as, say, Wisconsin, but how is it possible to categorize this as a success story?

The situation remains a disaster waiting to happen — except it’s happening now. Since the data shows Minnesota is not improving, this 2003 MPR series — The Fight Against Fat — remains timely.

  • B

    “Twenty-five percent — one in 5 of us ”

    125% ?

  • bob

    I think physicians who aren’t relentless with their patients when it comes to addressing issues of obesity are committing malpractice.