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Leave it to the Saint Paul Saints. They’re giving away souvenir cups.

“We wanted to do a memorable giveaway that would help people in these tough times,” said Saints President Mike Veeck in a press release. “We thought about a batting helmet, but clearly people haven’t been using their heads for a while, so we figured this was the next best thing to help people defend their futures. We’re going to find out if people see the world with a cup half full, or a cup half empty.”


It’s not quite as good as the “bobblehead” the Saints gave away after the arrest of Sen. Larry Craig at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. But it’s close.


  • Matt

    I think this promotion is actually called “Go Nuts for Souvenir Cups!”

    I feel bad for whoever has to clean out the stadium trashcans after this one.

  • Tyler

    Hah! Thanks for the light humor, Bob – just what I needed.

    And for what it’s worth, I’ll be bringing my own cup to the Saints game…

  • LK

    Ha ha, when you told Mary that it was a souvenir cup, I never even considered it being anything other than a drinking cup!