On the attack against Franken

The end is near now that Al Franken is in the Senate, according to the latest video from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Perhaps you recognize the images of Franken from an anti-Franken ad that showed him screaming during some sort of speech. You can’t see the ad anymore because the NRSC has made it “private” on YouTube.

That ad prompted the Franken campaign to reveal where the video came from:

It will be interesting to see if Franken becomes the Republican poster child for the Democratic majority in the Senate.

Here’s the oath being administered to Franken today by Joe Biden:

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(h/t: Eric Ringham)

  • justin h

    Not only is it pretty disgusting the way they transformed Al telling a story about Wellstone, it’s also hilariously ironic to see a republican ad lambasting “wasteful spending”. I know a lot of people weren’t paying attention for much of the last 8 years, but some of us caught on eventually.

  • BruceWM

    It looks to me like the Franken video was used to show an angry Al, but without the audio it is not that different from any other excited politician. But the repeated lie that Republicans ignored the deficit during their watch and are now suddenly deficit hawks is Goebbelian. And it is not even the direct cost of the current deficits that is the concern, it is that the people who are now nominally in charge have NEVER demonstrated one shred of intellectual honesty as they promise to rebuild an economy on borrowed funds. I hear Franken is very smart, perhaps he will be able to see past this false promise, but will he be able to do anything to stop the Democratic spending machine? Only if he rises like Nixon (who “opened” China) above his party’s short-sighted buying of votes. If he does not, he will join the shameless herd of politicians of all parties who have discovered (through things like earmarks) that they can buy voters using the voter’s own money.

  • MNguy

    I think it was Mark Twain who said this:

    “lies, damn lies, and statistics…”

    The repubs are experts in the “damn lies” category and we can be thankful that this nonsense blows round the echo-chamber like a plastic bag in a windstorm.

    Let the conniving begin…