Lost in translation

I have — intentionally — not written much about Michael Jackson in the last week. And it’s a policy I intend to continue.

Right after this:

Lower the cone of silence!

  • mulad

    I was going to shoot back with Reverend Lovejoy’s favorite “In the Garden of Eden” by I. Ron Butterfly, but then I remembered that the original “In A Gadda Da Vida” actually has an electric organ in it.

    Anyway, I’m sure it can be done, but the video you posted just turns into a wall of noise (there’s a chance that the organ simply overwhelmed the recording equipment, so it probably sounded better in person, but not much).

  • Paul

    thank your for your silence on MJ. The truth is, there really isn’t that much to say.

  • momkat

    After all the tributes ad nauseum, I didn’t realize I like MJ’s music–this way only. Thanks, Bob.

  • Tyler

    Not that I’m enjoying the media circus, but to ignore Jackson’s performance and dancing as a live entertainer is to discount a great deal of his talent. Personal problems aside, the guy could move in ways that most of us can’t.