Gone flying

Starting in 3…2….1, I’m on vacation.

I’m heading to Oshkosh for the annual AirVenture event, that turns a small airport in the world’s busiest airport for a week. You’ll probably hear of a news story or more coming out of it; hopefully it won’t be the stuff that usually makes news — the occasional crashing airplane and such.

I’ll still spend the week blogging, but it’ll be on my aviation blog, the address for which I provided earlier today.

  • Boua Xiong

    Mr. Collins,

    I’m a young reporter covering the Iron Range for the Northlands NewsCenter in Duluth. -But that’s not why I’m writing. I grew up in Oshkosh and always wanted to get away. It wasn’t until I moved away to college in Minneapolis..and then to the Iron Range that I could even begin to appreciate the annual summer chaos in my hometwon that aviators call EAA. -And now that you’ve blogged about it, I can tell my teenage siblings that yes, Oshkosh is actually kind of a cool city.

    Enjoy the airshow and my tiny hometown!

    Boua Xiong

  • Bob Collins

    You know, if I lived in Oshkosh, I’d probably hate having a million people show up. But the locals have always been most courteous.

    Why I’ll bet if they had two terminals at their airport, they’d probably even put up signs telling you which airline flies out of which terminal (g).

    Oshkosh IS a cool city. It has a great heritage of lumber, I believe. Some cool old downtown buildings.

    And not every city has a Lake Winnebago for a backyard.

    The landfill and prison on Rte 41 is kind of ugly, but that’s the price of success.