Goldie’s Bucket Wish

My hometown of Cook, Minn., is buzzing over a bucket wish-come-true and the video to prove it. Goldie Knapp, 84 years old and a great-grandmother, went skydiving with her daughter earlier this month.

Here’s part of the backstory as relayed to by Goldie’s daughter, Shireen Schultz:

After visiting and having a nice meal I noticed Mom fidgeting and looking as if she had something on her mind. Out of the blue she said she wanted to talk about something. I asked if she was going to make me cry! She said that I might and in the same breath said, “Before I die, I want to go skydiving!”.

There was a gasp in the room… I jumped up with a fist in the air and said, “YES!” Finally I had witnesses to her wishes! Over the years Mom had mentioned this to me.

How’s your bucket list looking?

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