Brod suspends gubernatorial aspirations

State Rep. Laura Brod has suspended her exploratory campaign for governor, according to Gary Miller, who writes at Truth vs. the Machine and helped spearhead a Draft Brod movement.

Miller posted a letter from Brod which said some undisclosed health problems prevent her from running at the moment:

Recently I went in to the doctor for a yearly check up, and unfortunately, found that I had some results from routine diagnostic tests which were concerning. Last week, a second opinion confirmed what I originally learned and set forth a treatment plan, after which I am certain I will get a clean bill of health. Over the holiday weekend, my family and I decided right now is not the right time to begin a campaign for the Governor so we are suspending the conversations I have been having related to the potential of my candidacy so we can focus our energy where it needs to be and will evaluate where things are at in late summer.

  • Bob, she has not suspended her aspirations, she has suspended an exploratory campaign.

    I give you my assurances that Laura has definitely not closed the door on running. In fact, I am highly confident she will be able to move forward with a candidacy once these temporary health issues are resolved satisfactorily.