The truth about Cronkite

If there’s one person who would hate the way the condition of Walter Cronkite is being reported, it’s Walter Cronkite.

To recap: Last Thursday it was reported Cronkite was “gravely ill.

Later in the day, his publicist declared the reports of Cronkite’s near death exaggerated. “He has suffered no major health crisis. He is at home. He was recently ill, and he’s home recuperating. He’s not gravely ill.”

This afternoon the family acknowledged the original story.

In order to dispel false rumors, Walter Cronkite’s family wants it known that he has apparently suffered for some years with cerebrovascular disease and he is not expected to recuperate. He is resting comfortably at home with family, friends, and a wonderful medical team. We thank you for your prayers and good wishes.”

It’s been interesting to read comments from old-timers about Cronkite in the last week. “That was back when journalists just gave us the news,” one said, a comment echoed by many others. They forget that it was Cronkite who basically said — on a news broadcast — that Vietnam was a mistake.

Cronkite’s work also serves as a reminder that news doesn’t have to be slick to be good.

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