Tales from the heartland

From America’s Dairyland comes the kind of story that makes journalists rap their head on the cubicle walls.

A Milwaukee journalist has admitted she had a love affair with the city’s police chief. It gets worse. She teaches ethics as part of her journalism classes at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

  • It gets worse. She did a profile on the police chief for a magazine. Then it gets better. She’s a freelancer, and the story was put to bed (get it?) months before the affair started.

    It gets worse. She’s married to the District Attorney of a neighboring county. It gets even worse. They met while she was a cops reporter for the paper.

    Many, many reporters have relationships and affairs with people who are in the news or will end up in the news. It’s messy. This woman is a freelance writer, which makes things even more confusing. Was she a cheating journalist? Was she a cheating professor?

    To me, the ethics are far too confusing, so I just stay faithfully married to my wonderfully low-profile wife.

  • Heather

    Those who can’t do…..