Timewaster: Spot the hero

What’s the first sign that America’s love affair with its heroes has gone too far? When they do cameos in music videos.

Spot the hero… ripped from the headlines.

  • Steve

    Was that the pilot from the Hudson River crash?

    And I’m pretty sure if they ever make a movie about Sammy Haggar he should be played by Jonah Hill, no matter what age he is.

  • WWI Rugger

    Maybe he’s a huge Santriani fan?

    But it’s a little weird in the video and does it really fit with the song? I don’t see the connection.

  • dginTC

    OMG, I had to watch that whole awful song just for that…the lack of melody, the “just hanging out, goofing off” vibe and Sammy’s product placement for his Cabo Wabo resort-the whole enterprise just screams, “We need to get paid!”