Picks of the week

News Cut’s two favorite radio moments of the week. Maybe this will be an every-Friday thing. Maybe not. We’ll see.

1) Betty LeVette on MPR’s Midmorning (full interview here). In particular, her opinion of American Idol winners.

“They could make me like it better if the people worked for 13 weeks and then instead of winding up at the end of 13 weeks on the cover of Vogue, they could open for James Brown,” she told Kerri Miller. “If they can survive that, then they’re someone to be idolized.”

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2) For sheer feel-good, the story of Chuck Walkley can’t be beat. It aired on The Story on Thursday night. He was a Special Forces soldier in Vietnam who survived a helicopter crash. He was sent home and when he was released from the hospital at Fort Devens in Massachusetts, he tried to hitchhike home to see his mother, only to be stopped by a police officer who said it was illegal to hitchhike. What happened next is what motivated him to become a cop.

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Find the whole interview here. It’s a good reminder how simple acts can change lives.

Here’s the thing: Chuck’s excellent story only got told because his neighbor notified someone that it should be. Who do you know whose story should be told? News Cut is always ready to tell it. Contact me here.

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