No secrets here

There’s no mention of any Minnesota sites — at least by name — in the “highly confidential” list of civilian nuclear sites and programs that was accidentally posted on the Internet this week. It has since been removed.

“The disclosure of information related to nuclear facilities suggests that the current system does not provide adequate review and safeguards,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in calling for an investigation.

Many of the nuclear sites listed are not identified by location, but by a “code,” the key to which was not in the documents.

The only site in the Upper Midwest listed was a notice that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission expected Powertech Uranium Corporation to submit an application for a new processing plant to be located in Custer and Fall River counties in South Dakota. The plant would be used for the encrichment of nuclear material.

That’s not much of a secret.

  • Elizabeth T

    If one is determined or knows the right people to ask – very little in the world is secret. The adage is very often true: Two people can keep a secret – if one of them is dead.

    And, on the internet, very little ever dies.