Iran protests

It’s not the best quality, but some video just posted on YouTube shows the size of the crowd at today’s giant protest in Tehran.

“The most you can say is that there are several hundred thousand people here,” an unnamed BBC correspondent wrote on a blog. “And just like Mr Mousavi asked, the great majority are wearing sombre clothes. Many are in black, especially the women, who have turned out wearing black chadors.”

Analysis: The situation has grown to the point where officials in Iran are going to have to “crack down or back down,” says The Economist.

But it’s much harder today — though hardly impossible — to find images and video from today’s protest than in recent days, symptomatic, perhaps, of a more aggressive cybercrackdown in the country.

Flickr has a slideshow of images from Tehran, but it’s unclear when each photo was taken. (Note: Some are graphic)

Twitter remains the best aggregator of information for people willing to sift through it.

Update 12:41 p.m. – TED has posted Clay Shirky’s talk on the role of Twitter in stories like this:

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