Delta after Northwest


Have you flown on Delta/Northwest lately and noticed any changes since the Atlanta-based airline took over the formerly Minnesota-based Northwest?

The Cranky Flier blog has. Movies, snacks, lots of changes in scheduled flights, and better service, he says in a post today.

What are your experiences since Delta took over?

(Photo: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

  • Diane

    I flew via Detroit the end of March on a NWA link. We landed a few minutes early (around the noon hour) and waited just short of the gate for the ground crew to guide us (I thought they must be finishing lunch hour) for 40 minutes!! When they did, they mis-directed us and we had to re-seat and move closer to the gate. The ground crew was Delta. Less than happy passengers!!!

  • Krista

    I had a great experience on a flight to Austin, TX. I LOVED the Delta cookies.

  • Peter

    So far I have only flown two flights on the “new” Northwest, and maybe a little to early to draw conclusions, but it does seem like the crew onboard the airplanes are happier??? Also like the enhancements made to the inflight service and selections, still waiting for Coke though…

  • Sam

    On Sunday I received notice of 3 schedule changes for 3 separate flights between August and November. Some time changes were for the better and some for the worse, as Delta cuts flights between MSP and other regional airports.

    I also love the Delta cookies, though!

  • Amanda

    I dig the cookies too. That’s about I’ve got. I get about the same level of cranky employees, delayed flights etc. on all airlines.

  • brandon miller

    I flew delta in july and this december and i’m 15 so i flew alone and they cancelled 2 of my flights and then i was flying home night before school and they delayed my flight for a long time was going to land in BNA from MSP at 7pm and landed at 12:30am b/c of 3 aircraft changes in MSp and i was flying from Boston