Dateline: Iran

Mainstream news organizations are reportedly being told to pack up and get out of Iran. New media, you’re on!

“Telephone report from my wife – They are open firing on the crowd. The police are refusing entry into the hospitals unless it is the basij. refusing wounded protesters saying; ‘You Deserve To Die’, a post on Tehranbureau says. The blog, however, is not in Iran.

Adventures of Mr. Behi is written by a former political blogger in Iran. He’s now based in The Hague.

Tehran24 (Amir Sadeghi) is providing images — and very compelling ones at that. Here’s a sample of the video:

From Tehran With Love has been getting some pictures out but reported very slow Internet speeds.

Here at home, Nate Silver at takes a look at some of the statistical evidence that the election was rigged and finds it wanting.

You can try your luck with Twitter but the signal/noise ratio is not particularly helpful at the moment.

This Flickr feed also has some updated images.

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