A weekend in the life of Minnesota

High school grad parties, biking in the rain, a circus, a rhubarb festival, sitting on the porch overlooking the back 40, moving out of a foreclosed home, or — as in Darby Laing’s photo above — assessing the geology around Lake Superior — these are all snapshots of a weekend in Minnesota. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

What does your Minnesota look like? We’re taking photographic evidence across Minnesota this weekend and — as we did last year — whipping it into a photo essay that we’ll grow in front of your eyes this weekend (I hope).

To do it, we need News Cut readers to submit not only your photos, but your thoughts about the photo. It doesn’t have to be high art. We’re not just looking for scenery — we know what Split Rock Lighthouse or the Rothsay prairie chicken looks like. We want a sense of how you’re interacting with Minnesota, too.

Here’s the form to submit your photo, or you can e-mail it to me directly, or you can post it on Flickr and tag it newscut.