Would you mourn the loss of a tree?

Vandals chop down Two Harbors’ ‘honking tree’:

Vandals have felled the iconic “honking tree” just south of Two Harbors in northern Minnesota, upsetting the residents of the small northern Minnesota town accustomed to tooting their horns whenever they went by.

I read this story… and wondered how Two Harbors’ folks feel about this. The tree carries a certain significance to residents and travelers alike, but what does a tree mean to a community? Would you mourn the loss of a tree?

What does it mean for the vandals themselves? According to this commentary from Randy Lindemann in Frazee, Minn., those responsible only achieved fame (anonymously) and a painful legacy:

“For the perpetrators it’s a hollow achievement at best. What’s more, the glory will soon fade and guilt will prevail as they have years to consider their deed and deal with the pangs of conscience.”

This is an open discussion, because I’m not sure where it will go – the direction depends on your reactions. I’ll hang up and listen.