Why is torture seductive?

“What is it about torture that is so seductive to our mainstream media?” Rory O’Connor asks on his blog today. He’s taking on the media which, he suggests, has gone to great lengths to defend the use of torture.

That makes US accomplices? I think not – remember, the same media figures told us, falsely, that “Some torture clearly works,” that “we need to keep an open mind” about it, and that “we’ll have to think about transferring some suspects to our less squeamish allies, even if that’s hypocritical.” After all, my fellow “accomplices,” as Alter wrote in his Newsweek column shortly after 9/11: “Nobody said this was going to be pretty.”

But nobody ever said it would get this ugly, either! As if the calls for torture and the claims that prosecution will “be too hard legally and politically and too easy morally” weren’t infuriating enough, we now find the latest media/torture depredation: The Philadelphia Inquirer has had torture architect John Yoo on its payroll as a columnist since last year!

Maybe not all the media:

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  • Bob

    I think it’s safe to say that if any of the media sympathetic to torture were asked to undergo it before formulating their opinions, those pathetic apologists would be less inclined to support it.

    I love what our own Jesse Ventura, who had to undergo waterboarding as part of his Navy SEALS training, said about the abhorrent practice and its efficacy in extracting relevant information: “If you give me a waterboard and Dick Cheney for an hour, I’ll have him confessing to the Sharon Tate murders.”

  • tim

    We should prosecute the whole lot of them, from Bush to Pelosi, but we know that won’t happen. Obama is waffling on releasing pictures. Our continued support of our own ‘War on Drugs’ and continued support of the ‘War Crimes’ of Israel, shows or cognitive dissonce to what’s going on around us in our name. We have no morals. We are an arrogant nation.

  • Elizabeth T

    Why does the media give these people such ample opportunity to prevaricate/create their own mythical reality so distant from my own? Why can’t The Media just ask once, get a lie for an answer, disclose it as such, and then just stop pestering her? Go on to covering more news?

    While it might be amusing to political pundits, to be able to provide us with this serial dilution of truth … it concurrently provides the politicians the opportunity to fine-tune their self-delusional little fables.

    Of course, my advice to the politicians would simply be it is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.