What’s your American dream?

If you’re a Midday listener, you’ve probably been hearing the American RadioWorks series, “A Better Life: Creating the American Dream.”

Here’s a video the ARW team produced on the subject:

On one segment earlier in the week, a commentator said the American Dream is still alive only because few enough people achieve it to keep them talking about it and keep others dreaming, sort of like Powerball.

In the first hour of today’s Midday, Chris Farrell considered whether the recession is killing — or has killed — the American Dream.

  • Minn Whaler

    That homelessness and poverty be eliminated in this, the most diverse, talented, and rich country in the world. This “economic hardship” the country is dealing with is hitting those with the least, the hardest. I had hopes it would build more compassion, but so far I am seeing people fighting to keep what they have and turning a blind eye to those who have little to nothing.