The Saberi tapes


Journalist Roxana Saberi has given her first in-depth interview to National Public Radio. An edited version airs this afternoon on All Things Considered. Or you can just listen to it now via NPR’s Two Way blog. (mp3).

She says she confessed in Iran to being a spy but later recanted. “To this day I’m still not sure what they arrested me for,” she told Melissa Block. “It wasn’t for buying alcohol; it wasn’t for reporting without a press pass. My interrogators claimed that I was spying for the U.S., and however much I told them that I was not — that I was simply writing a book and doing interviews for a book, which I hoped to use to show English speakers around the world a more balanced and complete picture of Iranian society — however much I told them this, they told me I was lying and that I was a U.S spy.”

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)