The power of Google

Is Google too big not to make us fail?

Although the Internet, what with all of its tubes and all, is a huge and diverse place, Google has its tentacles in much of it and when things aren’t going right at Google, they’re not going well on the Internet. Today, there was a good example of how Google has become the Internet.

An outage of more than three hours brought many sites down this morning. “The Internet dies without Google. Can’t get to my bank Web site because it’s waiting on’ This is made of lame,” said Twitter user Tadiera, reported on CNet.

“Typically, these outages have never lasted for long, but once again, this outage shows how depended we have become on Google for so many of our daily tasks,” says the blog ReadWriteWeb in a post, “The Day Google Stood Still.”

Coincidentally, the display of technological vulnerability came at the same time the Minnesota House was debating election reforms and discussing whether voting online is safe.

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