The most boring moment

What’s the most boring moment in baseball? Tom Scocca of the Boston Globe has spent considerable seconds thinking about this and has determined that’s it ball two.

Ball two stands alone, above any of the other dull business on the diamond. The intentional walk at least adds a base runner to the game. The halfhearted throw to first to check the runner is a sign that the pitcher is feeling tension. But ball two signifies almost nothing.

I am now considering other most boring moments in other spectator sports — the Minnesota Legislature, for example.

But I can’t tell whether the most boring moment is on the first day of the session when everybody says they think there’ll be cooperation and great progress or near the end of the session when they complain there wasn’t.

  • david

    Just about the entire first four months of the session, where there’s a lot of grandstanding, waiting for the governor’s budget, waiting for weeks after that for their own proposals, and more grandstanding.

    I find it telling that my legislators (SD66) wait until late February to have their constituent meeting, with their plans for the session. That’s after being *in session* for two nearly two full months already.

  • Elizabeth T

    Most boring moment. Anything after Election Day. They won. They stop.