Tales from the ‘Threshold Generation’

From the things you don’t have to tell me department: Who’s suffered the most in the economic collapse? It’s not the kids graduating college. It’s not the people living off their retirement savings. It’s people like, ummmm, me, according to the Pew Research Center:

… adults ages 50-64 are living through what feels to them like much harder times. Three-quarters of this so-called Threshold Generation say that the nation’s current economic problems will make it more difficult for them to afford retirement. Two-thirds of younger adults and 56% of older adults share the same concern.

Far fewer people in other generations report losing money in stocks and retirement funds as this age group.

The report also suggests we can forget about the inheritance:

The survey also finds a sharp inheritance expectations gap between older adults and their adult children. About three-quarters of all adults 65 or older say they plan to leave an inheritance to children or family members. By contrast, less than half (43%) of all adult children with older parents say they expect to receive an inheritance

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