Send your Memorial Day tributes

It’s really not supposed to be the first “holiday” of the summer season; Memorial Day is supposed to be about those who served their country –and are now gone — in whatever way the times dictated. Like so.

Who’s on your list? Please send me a few paragraphs about them and, if possible, a picture and on Monday I’ll present the roll call.

  • Holly Cairns

    Hey, I think this paragraph had too many commas in it. Maybe this?

    At least I think he did. Grandpa, who died two years ago, was known for his good natured approach and not for his ramblings about the war. Although he would never purchase a Japanese car he loved all his neighbors. I know the war changed him but I only heard a few stories.

  • Bennett Family

    Remembering CPL Durrell L. Bennett, a Fallen hero. Served in Iraq. Born in Washington State. Student of Bethel High school. 8/5/85 – 3/29/08. Your mother, father and brother miss you…and also family and friends.