Perks of the presidency

President Obama and Vice President Biden hopped in the motorcade and hit up a small burger joint in Virginia for lunch today, the Washington Post reported. Cute stuff, of course, but there are so many unanswered questions here.


Let’s look a little closer:


A couple of $20’s? And each paid for his own meal. How much are they charging for burgers in Virginia, anyway? $6.95, according to NPR.


A closer look at the transaction:


Have you ever seen a politician hold onto money as tightly as the vice president?


A question I’d ask if I did a TV segment about good questions: Where does the president get cash? Is there an ATM in the White House?

Apparently, the place is worth getting elected for:

Though it appears to be a tough place for a couple of guys to strike up a conversation with average folks…


The people in line are obviously too shy to talk to the two celebrities. What would your opening line be?

  • Kim V

    I would want to know what kind of burger they ordered!

  • bob

    What’s up with the suits? This is a burger joint, not a Congressional hearing.

  • The people in line are obviously too shy to talk to the two celebrities. What would your opening line be?

    Well, we’re Minnesotans by birth or by residence, so if the Pres and VP tried that here–you would ask them what they thought about the weather, of course!

  • Who cares where the President found the cash. At least he had it on him at the cash register. Obama and Biden planned ahead.

    Once Richard Nixon hit up Billy Graham for some cash for the collection at one of Graham’s crusades.

  • boB from WA

    Hey big boy, is that the secret service in your pocket, or are just happy to see me?

  • Bob Collins

    //Who cares where the President found the cash.

    Me. I can see why Nixon wouldn’t have any cash on him. How WOULD a president get cash?

    Of course, I still think it’s kind of cute that some people still use cash instead of a debit card.

  • Tim

    ‘Hey, who’s car is that out front? It’s blocking traffic.’

  • Alex

    Hey, Mr. President – did you have Secretary Geithner print up that money just for you?!?

  • Nate

    You guys ever been to Matt’s or The Nook in MSP? Now, that’s a burger!

  • Noelle

    “Thanks for being a Cubs fan, Mr. President. I wouldn’t have voted for you if you rooted for the Sox.”

  • tiedboomer

    It’s refreshing to see the President and VP pretending to be part of what the rest of us experience every day.

    In 8 years did W ever step out of the bubble? Remember when Geo. H.W. Bush visited the grocery store and saw a checkout scanner for the first time?

    If I were president, or had his salary, I’d be at the nearest Holiday buying throwback Pepsi with sugar instead of corn syrup … but as non-president in a recession I guess I’ll just keep my $20 bill in my pocket.

  • BobCollins

    //In 8 years did W ever step out of the bubble?

    To be fair, yes. Remember when he and Michele Bachman hit up the frozen yogurt stand?

    That said, my father in law’s old saying about Washington — 12 square miles surrounded by reality — still rings true. The life of a Washington politician has very little to do with average people. It’s hardly surprising they lose touch so quickly.

  • tiredboomer

    I would get along well with your father in law.

    I missed the coverage of the frozen yogurt excursion, guess I wasn’t paying attention at the time.

    So was this a “trophy date” for W (a date with an attractive, although bizarre*, congressional representative)? Or was this a “trophy date” for Ms. Bachman (a date with the POTUS)?

    *Strictly my opinion on both evaluations (bizarre and attractive).