Perfectly Minnesota


The closer one gets to the Minnesota Capitol and the exhausting politics therein, I find, the harder it is to remember that Minnesota is still a heck of a place to live.

Above is but one example I found today on a road trip to the Pequot Lakes area.

“We only have this shade of green for a few weeks,” Betty Ryan told me. She’s the longtime reporter-now-correspondent for the Pequot Lakes Echo. I went to see her today because she’s 81, still reporting, and provides a good barometer for what constitutes news in her neck of the woods. I’ll write about her later.

She and editor Nancy Vogt pointed me, however, to this story. The paper helped Publisher’s Clearing House track down Anna Newton of Pine River, who won $1,000.

The woman plans to use the money to go to Dollywood. If there’s money left, she might visit her sister in California, whom she hasn’t seen in 50 years.

  • BJ

    got love it. Dollywood first, then sister she hasn’t seen in 50 years, if money left to visit sister.

  • Rachel

    There’s a woman with her priorities in line. I mean, she’s SEEN her sister; I bet this will be her first time to Dollywood. Right?