Memorial Day: PTSD


News Cut will present stories about those who served in whatever capacity and have died. Please send me a few paragraphs about them and, if possible, a picture and I’ll be sure to add it here.

A friend of mine who retired a few years ago comes to mind. When she was just out of high school, her boyfriend was drafted for the war in Vietnam and was killed in action. We were in D.C.on business a few years ago and visited the wall. Very emotional as you might expect.

She, of course, moved on with her life and married a great guy, raised some great kids, lived up north on a lake, and then retired. About a week after she retired, she found her husband in the garage with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. PTSD is a terrible, awful mental illness which this vet hid successfully for many years.

She again has found a great partner after her husband’s death, so I would just like to salute Brenda, her boyfriend, and her husband for all of the sacrifices she and the men in her life made-and continue to make by living with the horrors of war.

— Lance Lindeman

(File photo via Getty Images)

  • ann

    thank you for this sad story.

    I will also be thinking of all the troops and veterans who have ended their own lives this memorial day weekend. I think it si averaging 114 a week.

    That is why such groups as Veterans for Peace are so very important. The reach the Vets and also active duty who don’t feel comfortable w/ the VFW and American Legion.

    The reach the ones that are hurting and help them find a way to channel the anger, grief, shame, and pain.

    Please donate to your local chapter of VFP and Iraq Veterans Against the War.

    You just might be saving a life and family