Live chat: What’s right, what’s wrong when biking?

Today, of course, is Bike to Work Day. If you have any pictures to share, I’d love to pass them along during the chat. Send them to me at

  • Sean

    Isn’t there a better category than “sports” to file this under?

  • Matt Abe

    Bob, thanks for hosting the chat, it was very interesting. Tech note: for some reason I had to constantly refresh the page and/or the CoveritLive widget, because it would stop updating otherwise.

  • Bob Collins

    Matt: Did you try that icon at the bottom of the page? There’s a thingamajig there that starts and stops automatic scrolling?

    Sean: I added other categories.

  • Matt Abe

    Hmm. I did click it once or twice, not knowing what it was for. Could have been “user error” on my part.

  • Bob Collins

    Stats from the Green Institute’s Bike to Work Day event.


    Overall attendees‐ 273 (although we KNOW there were some folks that didn’t sign in!)

    • 249 Bikers‐ Total miles by bike‐ 1,782

    • 9 Walkers‐ Total miles walked‐ 15

    • 15 Other

    Fun tidbits

    • 1 unicycle

    • Furthest rider‐ 50 miles (Burnsville)

    • All served without a kitchen using electric fry pans, crock pots and chafing dishes.

    • We tripped the breaker at least twice!


    • 20 dozen eggs (we had to run at get more, twice, the first time, 15 minutes into the breakfast!)

    • 400 cups of Peace Coffee served!

    • Served 7.5 pounds of oatmeal‐ ran out with 15 min. to go (also 3lbs raisins, 1.75 lbs of brown


    Zero Waste Event‐ 98% trash diverted!

    • 46.4 pounds of Organics

    • Less than 1 pound of garbage produced or

  • Arif Mamdani

    not trying to be rude, but that image up there of all the bikes is one that I took, I’d appreciate, and frankly expect proper attribution from MPR.

  • Rosa

    So on the Minneapolis Greenway, where the Greenway crosses streets around Highway 55, the car side signs say “Stop for Pedestrians in Crosswalk” and the bike side signs say “Cross when safe”. So who is supposed to stop, when?