Live-blogging: Severe weather season forum

How appropriate that a few severe weather warnings are up for the “flyover country” this evening, for we are partaking in one of our most beloved traditions: talking about Minnesota weather.

MPR’s Cathy Wurzer is hosting a discussion in the UBS Forum with meteorologists Paul Huttner, Craig Edwards, Mark Seeley about tornadoes, floods, straight-line winds and other public safety threats that come with warm weather. We’ll discuss how accurately storms can be predicted, how storms are formed and how to protect yourself and your property.

And I am live-blogging the event. Follow along, ask a question, maybe even make some Hot Dish. The forum will be broadcast on the radio during Midday on Thursday.

  • Alison

    Bob, I didn’t know you were going be there. I would have rearranged my calendar and shown up if I had known. : )

    I was there last year and it was a fun discussion. I can’t wait to listen today.