Hunger strikes

One hunger strike is over; one more is underway.

Journalist Roxana Saberi, the Concordia grad who is currently jailed in Iran, has ended her hunger strike.

“Roxana called last night to inform me that she has ended her hunger strike,” her father Reza Saberi told The Associated Press. “I’m relieved that she has done so to avoid a deterioration of her health.”

She started the hunger strike on April 21, vowing to continue until she was freed. Her action did not change a thing, from all indications.

Hers is not the only hunger strike underway. Actress Mia Farrow is in the 10th day of her hunger strike to protest the lack of coverage of Darfur.

It must be working. She got on Larry King.

She’s already said she’ll end her hunger strike after 21 days.

  • petron

    Isn’t she thin enough as it is?