Five at 8: May 7, 2009

  • Facebook inadvertently gave a “curious” former Peace Corps volunteer and National Guardsman a slew of personal-and likely private-email addresses for other Facebook users, including six Google executives and board members and 61 reporters and editors at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. (The New York Times)
  • Many of the nation’s libraries have old books bound in human leather, the Boston Globe says. In the old days, the story goes, libraries were private collections of doctors, who had access to skin. Two-hundred years from now, what will people say about the new idea to print business cards on beef jerky?
  • Bob Dylan. Because nothing will get your blogged link to faster than anything with the words Bob Dylan in it. Possible exception: Amy Goodman.
  • “History has actually shown that divided partisan control between the presidency and the Senate has yielded the largest percentage of confirmation votes for Supreme Court nominees – with such nominees receiving 87.5 percent ‘yea’ votes since 1900,” writes Eric Ostermeier at the U of M’s Smart Politics blog.
  • Teresa Boardman’s St. Paul Real Estate blog is always a fascinating read. Today she writes about the Minnesota requirements for disclosing things about houses being sold. “So if there is a house that has had 5 owners in five years and in each case a family member who has lived in the house committed suicide in it and then killed another family member, it does not have to be disclosed,” she says. Who knew?

    Also recommended: How the Mumbai attacks have changed the political issues in India. The 14-hour work days, lousy economy, and lack of water are also concerns. (BBC)

    What are we doing? A membership drive. With Bob Dylan.