Five at 8: May 20, 2009

Tonight, I’ll be live-blogging Joshua DuBois’ appearance with Krista Tippett at the Fitzgerald Theater. The conversation will focus on the changing face of religion in public life in the era of the Obama administration and the perspective DuBois brings through his new role as head of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. A question-and-answer session hosted by Larry Jacobs will follow. Join me here — or there — tonight at 7.

  • U.S. forces and the Taliban have something in common. Their ammunition. It’s something I wondered about when watching that fascinating 60 Minutes segment on the UAV “drones.” What happens when the “other guy” gets ahold of it?
  • Ways to beat the recession in Taiwan: From anti-mosquito forces to public eyebrow shaver.
  • The newspaper industry has reached new depths of despair when media critics stop getting the newspaper delivered. Mark Glaser, who writes the Media Shift column on PBS, writes about starting his life as a non-subscriber.
  • That whole “change” thing where government listens to people? It’s a giant pain in the neck for federal officials trying to figure out how to manage all of that. Tangent: It would’ve been informative if House leaders had made public the suggestions they solicited for solving the state’s budget crisis? Did they incorporate any of the ideas into their final solutions? Which ones? It would be interesting to see whether the public gave it any serious thought and supplied well-formed suggestions.


  • Timewaster: Use it for good. Not evil. Second choice: Another episode of Mary’s Pets.


    (Update: My friend, Nick Young, who anchors the CBS world news roundup each morning, reminds me that John Hall — the lead of the group — is now a member of Congress. Warning: If you’re in your 50s, do not look at his picture. It will only make you feel old and ruin your day.)


    First this: I’m starting a new series of profiles. This one involves people over the age of 80 who still get up each day and go to work. If you have a suggestion, please send it to me.

    Midmorning — First hour: Midmorning looks at the Obama administration’s requirements on gas mileage and auto emissions. Second hour: Playwright Tony Kushner.

    Midday — Sen. Amy Klobuchar is calling in from Washington where she’s doing the job of two senators because…well… you know.

    Talk of the Nation — The Political Junkie, Ken Ruden in the first hour. On his blog yesterday, he jumped into the mystery of John Boehner’s perpetual tan. Second hour: Simon Schama on the history of our future.

    All Things Considered — Marty Moylan will take a look at Target’s pursuit of WalMart and its price-matching policy. Also: Chicks in the city. More people are electing to raise a few chickens to help out with the grocery bill. And Tom Scheck is going national with a piece on Minnesota’s budget woes. Between this and Franken-Coleman, is Minnesota’s reputation as a place that knows what it’s doing pretty well shot?

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