Five at 8 – May 27, 2009

  • By the time you read this, your counterpart in Japan has already moved on to the next post. The BBC has mapped the state of the broadband world with this map and finds that the free market system in the U.S. keeps us creeping along.
  • Archeology on the Gunflint Trail. A small group searches for signs of an old logging camp on Vance Lake. (The Edge blog)
  • From the Lens blog on the New York Times: Life on an Arkansas prison farm. These photographs were unviewed for years because the negatives had water spots. Enter the digital age! A digital printer and Photoshop were the keys to a trip back in time.
  • Daydreaming Timewaster: A zeppelin flight over Long Beach, Ca. (The Cranky Flier)
  • There’s a rash of buttock stabbing attacks by hooligans in Rome. (BBC)


    Midmorning — Are America’s brightest days behind it? The first-hour guest thinks so. Equal time, anyone? In the second hour: The science of tornadoes. BTW, I’m still looking for experienced tornado storm chasers.

    Midday — It’s day two of the Sonia Sotomayor era. Gary Eichten will provide further analysis of the Supreme Court pick. In the second hour, the American RadioWorks documentary Bridge to Somewhere: Lessons from the New Deal. Can’t wait? Here’s the Web site.

    Talk of the Nation — NPR political editor Ken Rudin talks up Sotomayor in the first hour. The Hauser case occupies the second hour. Why do some patients refuse life-saving treatment?

    All Things Considered — A festival in India over the weekend marked Bob Dylan’s 68th birthday. No other city has been honoring Dylan’s birth for so long — 38 years. How do you like that, Hibbing?