Blogging the ride

Armed with the experience of riding the bike to work, I’m fully prepped for Thursday’s live chat (at 1 p.m.) about biking in the Twin Cities. I found most drivers to be actively considerate, especially in downtown St. Paul. I also found that you’ll never get where you’re going if you follow all the rules. It’s a metaphor for life, actually. Here’s the video.

  • LJ

    i now have a bit of motion sickness after viewing this…

  • bribri

    Well done, Bob! I’d be curious to see your route plotted on a map. Here’s a handy tool for doing so if you’re so inclined:

    Should you ever opt to saddle up again, here’s a site (still in development) that might help you find a route that won’t take two hours to complete:


    Failing that, the bike community of which you are now a member (like it or not) would be happy to help:

    MplsBikeLove Route Planning forum

  • Bob Collins

    Hey that’s pretty cool. Here’s the route.

  • You go Bob – that rocked. Thank you for that great footage.

    And yes, having the freedom to roll through ridiculous red lights and stop signs is a huge bonus. I was disheartened to see how poor the bike trail was. And road riding is mos def a high risk sport, but worth it.

    Slut with an “e”. I am so uneducated!

    **Oz never did give nuthin to the tin man, that he didn’t – didn’t already have! Your ascent to the Emerald City was the best thing I have seen all day.

    Thank you from down in Rochester and farther south. I myself, parked in a nearby town yesterday and rode into work. It was sublime.


  • Lesli in Minneapolis

    I’m curious to know how you got home…

  • Bob Collins

    Me? I’m about to ride home now. I’m looking forward to putting the wet shirt back on.

    The worst part: After I huff-and-puff my way home, there’s a dog who’s going to want me to take him for a walk.

  • This is Minnapolis, Minnisoda. It looks like a great place to live!


  • PpFt

    Great vid.

    You described highways that look like – what??

    Guess I’m not familiar with that word (“faloosha”/”falusha” is undefined on UrbanDictionary).

  • bribri

    @PpFt: Fallujah, a war-ravaged city in Iraq.

  • LK

    Oh dear, Bob hasn’t checked in here in the comments yet that he’s made it home after work. It’s after midnight… should we be concerned?

  • PpFt

    @bribri: Oh. Duh.

  • Bob Collins

    I made it home in an hour and 10 minutes, partly because I didn’t have to stop to transfer a full camera data disk to the computer to free up space.

    At McKnight and Lower Afton Road, a women stopped at the red light I was at (she was in an SUV) and when it turned green, she didn’t go, instead she looked at me, and pointed that I could go first (she was turning right).

    I saw quite a bit of that, actually– courtesy far beyond what I would’ve expected and, I’m sorry to say, which I would’ve given.

    Join me at 1 for the chat.

  • Gina

    Great video! The Battle Creek path along 61 is really nice. I’m lucky in that most of my commute from downtown St. Paul to downtown Minneapolis has bike lanes 90% of the way…

  • BJ

    Bob – I don’t remember your desk being so close to other people, must have a boss that thinks you come in at noon everyday.

  • Bob Collins

    The great thing about being a blogger at a core medium is if you’re not in your cubicle, nobody notices. Crann, Eichten, Wurz, Miller and other radio folks don’t have that luxury.

  • Maplewoodite turned Minneapolite

    I did the latter half of your commute for 2 years before moving to be two miles from work in Mpls. My favorte part was around 7:40 in your video, in the woods by pigs eye lake. A little slice of nature right next to the big city. I would always bring a mini broom to clear the trail from the occasional broken bottle presumeably tossed from hwy 61 up above. Thanks for documenting this! 🙂