Update from Riverview Circle

This update from Riverview Circle in Moorhead by way of Donna Morse:

Wanted to give you a bit of an update as to what is happening here since you left…

The water continue to go down and it is now off of our sandbag walls. Todd has pulled the pumps that were pumping the water from behind the sandbags back into the river. It’s still really quite around here and very little traffic. Occasionally we see an military, police, city, or fire vehicle pass, yet other than that, traffic is next to none. They have lifted the evacuation ban on this area this morning so I’m sure we will begin to see more movement. Sad to say, I heard this morning that there were looters in this area last night. Guess they didn’t get away with anything and are being tracked down. Was hoping we weren’t going to see any of that, yet if it’s limited to this once that will be great!

Other than that, we continue to keep the basement dry. Coming home from work on Monday, I found that Todd couldn’t take the mess any longer and had the kitchen and living room back to somewhat normal. He even got the garage cleaned up enough for the car to be put in. We are both hoping to get back to a routine. I started cleaning and wiping things down…can only take dirty for so long…guess it’s 2 weeks!

Again, thanks for covering our story, Bob. I truly appreciated working with you and having a documented piece of history is a great bonus. Please make sure to come back for a visit (or move here). ..I know the Brummers and Johnson’s feel the same. You are a great reporter and truly brought our story to life for so many that read it. Those that meet you and work with you are blessed for it!

Hugs to you…Donna

Meanwhile, John Brummer reported (yesterday, but I missed the email because I was out) that the water is off his sandbags now, too. He celebrated with his granddaughter, Addie.


  • Howie

    Hi Addie……………!

  • Sharon Ganz

    So very glad to read this, Donna. After all the days of such hard work and horrendous emotional exhaustion, prayers have been answered and it looks like life is a little bit back to normal for the Morse, Johnson and Brummer families. God surely gave you and all the wonderful volunteers, firemen, and numerous others who helped, the extra strength during such struggles as you had. It is wonderful to know the water is no longer pushing against the sandbags. Bob will never know how much we appreciate his fabulous coverage and all the pictures and videos he shared with us. You won!! You won!! God has blessed you abundantly with the victory!! We love you, Denny and Sharon