Swine flu live chat Wednesday at 1 p.m.

  • Al

    I’m becoming concerned that the constant news coverage of the swine flu event(MPR included), will cause complacency in the future if this outbreak fizzles. Yes the public should be informed, but devoting hour long shows and extended length interviews to it every day that are in addition to the half hour news updates is a bit over the top. Is it responsible for the media play this up to boost ratings?

  • Donna

    I remember getting a flu shot in about 1976 for “swine flu” when I was a student at the U of M. Was this the same virus or just the same name?

  • curt lee

    If this current flu scare turns out Not to be a real epidemic, it may well be due to the actions that are now being taken by the CDC and state and local medical teams.

  • Alli Vainshtein

    My husband has the flu right now. He is somebody who never gets sick, so I am very worried. Should I take him to the doctor today? What can they do for him if he does have swine flu?

  • Miranda Maye

    I heard that pork prices were down, but I don’t understand this. It’s not spread through contact with pork or pigs is it?

    Why is it called swine flu? Why don’t we call it Mexican flu?

  • Jason Hanson

    Why are they closing schools if they aren’t sure it is really swine flu? Isn’t this going to cause hysteria? Isn’t all this news coverage just scaring people?

  • Abby Anderson

    Should we stop eating pork? How can we protect our children? Shouldn’t we stop all travel to and from Mexico?

  • Harry Jensen

    I ate mexican food yesterday for lunch and today I have a horrible stomach ache, I have been vomiting and have diarrhea, a high fever. DO you think I might have swine flu?

  • Linda Brickley

    What are the statistics for illness and death from other types of infectious diseases (flu, pneumonia, etc.) and how do they compare to the current and potential rate for H1N1? What makes H1N1 more of a health risk/emergency situation than any of these other diseases?

  • joan

    Cold Spring case confirmed