Long bombs

In short, we’re not too thrilled about our long-term prospects.

That’s the gist of a Rasmussen Reports survey says as of Wednesday, 25% of American adults said the economy was getting better. “That’s up from 19% a month earlier and 10% at the beginning of the year. The number who believe the economy is getting worse declined from 67% at the beginning of the year to 57% in mid-March and 48% on April 15.”

But the number of Americans who say the economy will be better in five years has fallen to 57%, down from 62% at the beginning of the year.

This, of course, is exactly opposite what we’ve been told, that there would be short-term pain and long-term gain.

The Minnesota unemployment report today, however, is consistent with the projections that things will get worse before they get better. It got worse in March for 23,200 more Minnesotans, the report said.

Check out the county by county map (based on February data) supplied by The Department of Employment and Economic Development. Move your cursor over the county.

More national, state and substate LAUS data.

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