Ely announces bid for 2016 Olympics

  • Very nice. Who’s the actor on the left of the screen? I know I’ve seen him before.

  • Genius. When do tickets go on sale?

  • dan johns

    We’d love to see the Olympics in Ely; the spokespeople for the event need to learn to answer specific questions with specific answers, like where specifically will Olympics be, where are the local accomodations, how many restaurants, transport in and out of Ely.

  • Greg

    April Fools

  • Wally

    I’d like to see a “Dive Like the Loons” underwater swimming event. Competitors would be judged on the following criteria.

    1) Elapsed time underwater.

    2) Distance traveled.

    3) Depth achieved.

    Extra points would be awarded to swimmers who emerged from the water holding fish in their teeth.

  • Bonnie

    Didn’t they try to get annexed to Canada last April 1st? Good old Ely.

  • Sam

    I would like to see an event called “The Canis Lupus Loppet”. In conjunction with Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, cross-country skiers, greased with moose fat complete a challenging course through the north woods chased by ravenous Timber wolves. Top three survivors medal!