Earmarks deadline

Today is the deadline for members of Congress to post their 2010 “earmark” requests online. Under new House rules, members have to post their requests on their individual Web sites.

The Web sites, of course, are not standardized so it’s not always easy to find a particular posting. But given a reasonable review of the Web sites, here’s the ones that have been posted for the Minnesota delegation:

Rep. Tim Walz – Not found.

Rep. John Kline – Not found.

Rep. Erik Paulsen – Not found.

Rep. Betty McCollum – Not found

Rep. Keith Ellison – Not found

Rep. Michele Bachmann – Not found.

Colin Peterson – Includes flood protection for the Red River valley, barley research, ultra-light vehicles for the military.

Rep. James Oberstar – Not found

  • Al

    Barley research – I had a roommate who specialized in that during his first and only semester of college. Or was that barley pop research?