There are bonuses… and then there are bonuses.

  • Southwest just keeps getting cooler.

  • Al

    Wow. My big bonus this year was not losing my job…yet. For 3M’s 100th Birthday a few years back they gave all their employees something worth nearly $10,000 – a rock from the original mine they made the first sandpaper out of in a 2″ square commorative bag. Some companies have it, others…

  • Anna

    This is how it oughta be – it wouldn’t even have to be $10,000. But appreciation of the employees you have is huge. I worked for a very small company (less than 10 total in the office) – and they certainly couldn’t afford bonuses like this, but they bought lunch “just because,” passed on kudos from the clients, gave out year-end bonuses when they could, and generally made sure that us worker bees knew our work was appreciated. Like Al said in his comment, “some companies have it…”